Bartra Professional Service

BARTRA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, Does the bookkeeping of it’s clients

Bartra Professional Service

BARTRA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, Does the bookkeeping of it’s clients and regularly collect documentation or receipts of income and expenditure, registering them on the books or computer records for purposes of winding up and preparing tax statements via a Program of Electronic Declaration. We deliver the relevant calculation fee within the first two weeks of the month and follow up with business owners for payment to the State Division of taxation (NJ). They also prepare financial statements, schedules, elaborate payment of salaries and wages, and serve as personal advisers in the accounting, tax, and labor field.

The reporting requirements for bank credits, loans, or other financials are treated with urgency and dedication to you.. Our office handles the inspections, audits, demands, orders, or resolution-enforced collection imposed by the Division of Taxation or the IRS.

BARTRA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Offers multiple services, including:

    Corporate Law - Labor
  • Constitution Business
  • Accounting Business and Personal accounts are kept manually and computerized Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Financial Reports
  • Financial Statements for Bank Loans
    Accouting - Income Tax
  • Tax laws
  • Affidavits manage major Taxpayer Obligations
  • Income Tax Return Services
  • Tax Return Preparation Services
  • Consultancy in the General Corporation
  • Law elaborates Minutes, Affidavits, Declaration oath,
  • Powers Advice to Public Records
  • Consultancy notary
  • Claims and Appeals Division of the State Taxation IRS
  • Negotiation and Contract Administration

AT BARTRA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES the most important thing is you! Our methodology is to provide information and the processes that enable a company to administer and implement proper accounting and taxation in an organized way. These aspects help us to build a solid relationship with our customers.

It's not just a numbers game – call 856 365-0015 for superior accounting services.

Based in Camden, Bartra group corporation is proud to provide top level accounting to clients both near and far.


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