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World Class Accounting and Customer Service in Camden.

About US

BARTRA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES is an accounting firm established in 1989 with proficiency and professionalism in each of their actions, providing it’s customers efficiency, effectiveness and value in response to the trust we receive. Our focus is a personal and accomplished team of professionals and technicians who make our advice different and above all successful.

BARTRA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Action motto is: if you have a problem, we have solutions. At all times we make it a safe and unhindered way to seek and to find answers to any tax or financial problem. We help ensure that the investment you made in your short or long business life does not fade because of bad advice and wrong paths taken. We, as Accounting and Notary Public study services, not only provide professionalism, but also something more important: honesty in Integral Counseling.

BARTRA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Spirit of Progress. Our desire to fulfill our professional ethics is to create awareness for the utility business solely and exclusively for you and your business in a friendly, no-pressure environment.

BARTRA PROFESSIONAL SERVICESand their advisers are convinced that you will not be disappointed.

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It's not just a numbers game – call 856 365-0015 for superior accounting services.

Based in Camden, Bartra group corporation is proud to provide top level accounting to clients both near and far.


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